As an investor, YOU are making a grant for equipment financing towards supporting initiatives such as down payment assistance, refinancing, green financing, and more.

Grants are funds given by a specific party, which can be the government, corporations, foundations, institutions, businesses, or an individual.

Limited or non-existent creditworthiness capabilities either at sovereign or corporate levels are some of the persisting challenges for achieving development goals for several countries and companies.

As a result, in many cases, visionary, hardworking local entrepreneurs who seek economic opportunities are handicapped by missing infrastructure.

For instance Supply chain bottlenecks, absence of foundational infrastructure, lack of knowledge resources to assess what types of equipment is required to serve what purposes in various forms of domestic and global trade scenarios, how to finance it, where to secure it, and so on. Additionally, those who do possess some infrastructure or equipment are deprived of timely funding either to repair or to upgrade. Due to a lack of timely funding options, they are forced to operate in dangerous, sometimes environmentally unfriendly conditions or just give up on economic pursuits.

New programs such as Green Financing and green ship recycling are distant concepts to fathom for some. Those industrial requirements deserve additional attention from all stakeholders.

This is where CFund would like to bring value and expertise.

Your contributions can make a lot of difference. Many projects can be launched, re-launched, made viable, green, sustainable, and expandable.

Please explore the listed projects to extend your support.

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