How it works?


– All listed projects’ sale prices are converted into units of USD10 each.
– For example: Project with list price USD 1,000,000 = 100,000 UNITS


– Sponsors registered with our site are encouraged to review a project suitable to their objectives

– Pledges are collected till the project receives at least 55% list price goal

– Closing date will be announced by Project sponsors then funds will be collected on that date

– After the closing the backers are handed off to the Sponsor and will communicate directly

Please note Sponsors are thrid-party companies and entrepreneurs who are investing their own equity funds to sponsor a project and to complete rest of the funding process


– Pledges are collected till project reaches atleast 35% listed sale price level

– At the closing pledges are placed in an escrow to manager owned company

– Then converts into trust shares/units IF a suitable debt provider is available to complete the 100% of the deal.

– Asset is placed in a SPV trust which distributes ownership interests and dividends

– IF target is NOT reached then funds are not collected and NO FEES are charged

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